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BluePath partners with energy services companies and contractors to fund projects through a range of financing options, including PPAs, tax-exempt and taxable debt, operating leases, sale-of-receivables, Energy-as-a-Service, or a combination of structures. In all cases, BluePath fits the financing to the project, not the other way around.

Our engineering partners provide project economics and the end-customer’s financial goals overall. BluePath provides a range of tailored financing options for consideration, always working to keep our partners front and center with the end-customer.

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From public entities like universities and schools, to commercial and industrial companies, BluePath unlocks broad opportunities for growth by providing specialized, efficient funding. Technologies for both retrofit and new build projects include solar PV, batteries, EV charging infrastructure, HVAC, lighting, controls, and efficiency measures.

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The full promise of distributed energy is waiting to be realized through projects that are scalable and sustainable, both economically and environmentally. BluePath applies financial frameworks well understood by the capital markets but less common to distributed energy ventures. This unlocks the growth of sustainable infrastructure. The success of our efforts is consistently visible in projects that often pay for themselves from reduced utility bills and the evergreen reduction of carbon emissions.

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BluePath funds infrastructure projects in the United Kingdom and selected countries on the Continent. European energy markets are undergoing a decades-long transition to decentralised energy systems. Rising energy prices and national targets for equipment efficiency and renewable production underlie the long-term economics of behind-the-meter projects. BluePath provides funding tailored to specific client needs in both public and private sectors. Technologies funded include energy efficiency as well as on-site generation. Financings span over 25 years, unlocking project savings that would otherwise be unachievable.